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Masser is a perl-based fastcgi-driven application framework. It uses PHP- or JSP-like way of embeding code to HTML pages. It supports multiple database connections (currently Oracle, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Sybase, SOLID), configuration files, multiple language and selectable schemas support.

There is one engine - masser.fcgi - which runs as FastCGI application and it processes user requests. Applications are divided into pages, actions, javascript code, css code, modules etc. and the resulting page can be combined from any of these sources.

It runs on (I hope :) any unix system (tested heavily on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris). Masser (applications written in it) is currently used in several environments: Our firm, some small customers (<50 users), and one big customer (>10000 users, >10 applications at once).

hosted by, masser written in DELTA E.S., Czech Republic